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Man’s best friend.

The one who loves you no matter what.

Your faithful sidekick.

That’s who we’re here to celebrate!


Isn’t it time you paid a little homage to your most faithful companion? We love furry friends and this year we are creating a beautiful new coffee table book sure to adorn the homes of all of Winston-Salem’s dog lovers!

Dogs of Winston-Salem is a collection of beautiful studio portraits of some of Winston-Salem’s most adorable, lovable, furry faces. And best of all, it’s for a fantastic cause…Stepping Stones Canine Rescue…one of Winston-Salem’s most successful adoption rescue organizations. Stepping Stones Canine Rescue is a charitable and educational non-profit corporation, located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Their volunteers share an enthusiasm for dogs and support a mission to rescue, protect, provide sanctuary and ultimately find adoptive families for abandoned, stray and neglected dogs.

Reserve your space now! A $150 donation to Stepping Stones Canine Rescue gets your special friend a page in the book, and your very own copy of the book. Donations can be made now through December 31, 2016. All photography will be done in January and February of 2017 and the book will be published later in 2017.

You can also have a lovely family portrait created while you are in the studio so that you will have a lasting, beautiful memory to hold on to.

To reserve your space, visit http://www.lovethemutt.org/p/dogs-of-winston-salem-photo-fundraiser.html Then reserve your photography session as you follow the link. We can’t wait to meet all of the fabulous furry friends of Winston-Salem.


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We’re about to give your children a REASON TO BELIEVE, a remembrance of the SEASON OF GIVING, and something to cherish for years to come!

This Christmas season, we are offering your children a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…an experience they will NEVER forget. And to make it even better, we have partnered with Keith & Emily Davis at Fleet Feet Winston-Salem and their Mission Feet charity, to give impoverished children their own once-in-a-lifetime moment. One they will never forget either. We’re about to give your children a REASON TO BELIEVE, a remembrance of the SEASON OF GIVING, and something everyone will cherish for years to come!

On November 3rd, 4th and 5th, your child will have the opportunity to come to our studio and enjoy 45 minutes with the most favorite childhood icon of all time, Santa Claus. And this is no ordinary Santa! He is A-MAZING. Take a look!


A REASON TO BELIEVE. This experience is so much more than a quick photograph on Santa’s knee at the mall.  For 45 memorable moments, your children will get to KNOW Santa as they share their wish list, paint toys, sing and even play checkers with Santa. With a little help from you beforehand, Santa will already know so much about them when they arrive, making it all so REAL, and giving them every reason to BELIEVE.  We will even supply the Christmas jammies, so no stress for you about what they should wear! Or feel free to bring your own. It will be a truly magical experience for everyone!

THE GIFT YOU WILL BE GIVING.  During their visit with Santa, your children will also experience the season of giving.  They will sign cards that will be given to 2 other children, along with a brand NEW pair of shoes.  If your children get excited by a new pair of shoes, you can only imagine what this will mean to a child that has NEVER had a new pair of shoes.  For each session that is reserved with us, we will donate 2 PAIRS of shoes to Mission Feet First.  You and your children will be giving 2 other children an experience every bit as magical and memorable as the one your child had with Santa.  We will also donate a portion of your purchase to Mission Feet First.

THE GIFT YOU WILL GIVE YOURSELF.   While your child is experiencing the magic of Christmas with Santa, we will be in the background capturing that magic.  Afterwards, we can create a beautiful Christmas portrait and/or design an album that recalls the entire experience.  Each Christmas season for years to come, your family will enjoy these items, retell the story, and remember the magic…. From the amazement in their eyes to the gigantic smiles on their faces.  You all will have a lifelong reminder of this special time they spent with Santa, and can also fondly recall that you gave another child such a special gift.



We have reserved three days ONLY for this event. November 3rd, 4th and 5th. This is a special opportunity, so reserve your session time now.

Click the link below to see the slideshow and click here to email us for more information.


Slideshow for Phone

Slideshow for Computer


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    Kim Richard - I would like more info.

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We are so excited to announce our Portraits in the Park mini-session event to benefit Lillie’s Friends.

Lillie’s Friends Foundation was founded in Winston-Salem by the Boyte family following the loss of their sweet daughter, Lillie, to neuroblastoma 10 months after receiving her cancer diagnosis. The Foundation aims to positively impact kids and families dealing with childhood cancer. They passionately provide families with real hope by raising awareness, funding innovative research toward cures, and finding unique opportunities to directly impact and support families experiencing the ‘crisis of belief’ that accompanies their child’s diagnosis. We love to support the families in our area that have been affected by cancer and this is one way we can give back!



All of the details you need are here portraits-in-the-park-information

If you would like to book your session or have other questions, please email us at info@ohgoodnessfineportraits.com or call the studio at 336-829-5642.

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Well, only two words work for me right now. Oh, Goodness! How can it be time to say goodbye to this amazing group of seniors that I had the pleasure of working with this year?

Everywhere I go lately, I’m running into them having dinner with their family, shopping for last minute supplies or being recognized before they head out the door. Admittedly, I am a sap and it grips my heart a bit. Maybe it’s because I know as a mom, just how hard it is to say goodbye to your senior/rising freshman. It’s also because I have come to know all of these wonderful kids and their parents this year. I know just how much they will be missed. But on the flip side of that, I know just how much they have to contribute to the colleges they will be attending. Each has a bright future ahead of them and will leave a mark as they learn and grow.

So hats off to the Class of 2016! Thank you for asking me to create portraits of you at this important time in your life. My best wishes travel with you and I anxiously await to hear how you’re settling in and loving the universities you have chosen! Here’s a look at them (in no particular order!)


Grace…The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Class of 2016_0143.jpg


Savanna…The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Class of 2016_0170


Anne Hayden…Furman University

Class of 2016_0171


Emma…The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Class of 2016_0172


Lindsay… The University of North Carolina at Chapel HillClass of 2016_0144.jpg


McLean…The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Class of 2016_0145.jpg


Melanie…Auburn University
Class of 2016_0146.jpg


Payton…The University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Class of 2016_0147.jpg


Quinn…SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design)
Class of 2016_0148.jpg


Virginia…The University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Class of 2016_0149.jpg



Kyle…Western Carolina
Class of 2016_0151.jpg


Charlie…Dayton University
Class of 2016_0150.jpg


Madison…The University of Georgia
Class of 2016_0152.jpg


Ashley…The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Class of 2016_0153.jpg


Abbey…Appalachian State University
Class of 2016_0154.jpg


Courtney…Roanoke College
Class of 2016_0155.jpg


Brittany…High Point University
Class of 2016_0156.jpg


Jacob…The University of Alabama in Huntsville
Class of 2016_0157.jpg


Marissa…North Carolina State University
Class of 2016_0158.jpg


Morgan…Furman University
Class of 2016_0159.jpg


Nicholas (Pasquale)…Clemson University
Class of 2016_0160.jpg


Sarah…The University of Virginia
Class of 2016_0161.jpg


Worth…Clemson University
Class of 2016_0162.jpg


Ellie…Wake Forest University
Class of 2016_0163.jpg


Graham…Clemson University

Class of 2016_0164.jpg


Hunt…Ole’ Miss
Class of 2016_0165.jpg


Jackson…Clemson University
Class of 2016_0166.jpg


Jared…The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Class of 2016_0167.jpg


Maggie…The University of South Carolina
Class of 2016_0168.jpg


Nathan…North Carolina State University

Class of 2016_0169.jpg

That’s a pretty impressive list of schools there! I’m so proud of all of them and what the’ve accomplished…they are outstanding students and great kids. Blessed to have been part of their lives!

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We are so excited to announce a very different portrait session…one with a huge purpose…to benefit Cancer Services.

We are proud to support many of Winston-Salem’s most deserving charities. One of them is Cancer Services located in Winston-Salem. Cancer Services provides just about anything a cancer patient needs, other than medical care. Their purpose is to surround cancer patients with the resources they need to feel knowledgeable about what is happening…they connect folks with the experts. It’s an amazing service and one that several of my friends have utilized and benefitted from.
Connolley framed image copyFor 4 days in August and September, we are donating our time, and that of sought-after make-up artist Colleen Kelly, to create beautiful portraits that feature women. A two hour session that includes hair styling, airbrush makeup and studio portrait time will be gifted to anyone who donates $150 to Cancer Services. You don’t have to be a cancer survivor…this is for anyone who wants to treat themselves or someone they love to a custom portrait session…a day where the recipient will feel like the most special and beautiful person on the planet, while donating to a great cause.

Lindy framed 2On August 26th and 27th and September 15th and 16th, we will create amazing images that celebrate you or the women in your life. From those sessions, gorgeous wall prints, albums, boxed collections and gift prints will be available for purchase. Not sure about this? Imagine having images that really show you at your best. We could do an entire session of just you. Or you could bring your significant other along and showcase your relationship…perhaps for the first time since your wedding! Or invite your mom to come along and we will feature both of you to show your relationship. You might choose to bring your sister or even your children (up to 4 people per session) and we will produce amazing sibling or mother/child portraits (no matter how old your children are.)

Ginger family framed color
As women and/or moms, often we don’t allow ourselves the privilege of being doted on. This is a day for you. To spoil you, make you look and feel your best and then offer you the chance to have images to hold on to and remember for your entire life. Images that will remind you of who you really are and pieces to share with your children so that they can always know just how beautiful and special their mom is.

This video will give you an idea of the experience you will have at Oh, Goodness – Fine Portraits. It features Lindy and Don. Lindy happens to be a cancer survivor and brought along her husband to celebrate 30 years together. We featured both of them together and then Lindy on her own.

Isn’t it time you spoiled yourself or someone you love? Click here or go to Cancer Services website, click on Donate on their menu and be sure to select the Celebrate Your Life Fundraiser. We will be in touch to schedule your portrait session.


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