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Well, only two words work for me right now. Oh, Goodness! How can it be time to say goodbye to this amazing group of seniors that I had the pleasure of working with this year?

Everywhere I go lately, I’m running into them having dinner with their family, shopping for last minute supplies or being recognized before they head out the door. Admittedly, I am a sap and it grips my heart a bit. Maybe it’s because I know as a mom, just how hard it is to say goodbye to your senior/rising freshman. It’s also because I have come to know all of these wonderful kids and their parents this year. I know just how much they will be missed. But on the flip side of that, I know just how much they have to contribute to the colleges they will be attending. Each has a bright future ahead of them and will leave a mark as they learn and grow.

So hats off to the Class of 2016! Thank you for asking me to create portraits of you at this important time in your life. My best wishes travel with you and I anxiously await to hear how you’re settling in and loving the universities you have chosen! Here’s a look at them (in no particular order!)


Grace…The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Class of 2016_0143.jpg


Savanna…The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Class of 2016_0170


Anne Hayden…Furman University

Class of 2016_0171


Emma…The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Class of 2016_0172


Lindsay… The University of North Carolina at Chapel HillClass of 2016_0144.jpg


McLean…The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Class of 2016_0145.jpg


Melanie…Auburn University
Class of 2016_0146.jpg


Payton…The University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Class of 2016_0147.jpg


Quinn…SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design)
Class of 2016_0148.jpg


Virginia…The University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Class of 2016_0149.jpg



Kyle…Western Carolina
Class of 2016_0151.jpg


Charlie…Dayton University
Class of 2016_0150.jpg


Madison…The University of Georgia
Class of 2016_0152.jpg


Ashley…The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Class of 2016_0153.jpg


Abbey…Appalachian State University
Class of 2016_0154.jpg


Courtney…Roanoke College
Class of 2016_0155.jpg


Brittany…High Point University
Class of 2016_0156.jpg


Jacob…The University of Alabama in Huntsville
Class of 2016_0157.jpg


Marissa…North Carolina State University
Class of 2016_0158.jpg


Morgan…Furman University
Class of 2016_0159.jpg


Nicholas (Pasquale)…Clemson University
Class of 2016_0160.jpg


Sarah…The University of Virginia
Class of 2016_0161.jpg


Worth…Clemson University
Class of 2016_0162.jpg


Ellie…Wake Forest University
Class of 2016_0163.jpg


Graham…Clemson University

Class of 2016_0164.jpg


Hunt…Ole’ Miss
Class of 2016_0165.jpg


Jackson…Clemson University
Class of 2016_0166.jpg


Jared…The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Class of 2016_0167.jpg


Maggie…The University of South Carolina
Class of 2016_0168.jpg


Nathan…North Carolina State University

Class of 2016_0169.jpg

That’s a pretty impressive list of schools there! I’m so proud of all of them and what the’ve accomplished…they are outstanding students and great kids. Blessed to have been part of their lives!

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We are so excited to announce a very different portrait session…one with a huge purpose…to benefit Cancer Services.

We are proud to support many of Winston-Salem’s most deserving charities. One of them is Cancer Services located in Winston-Salem. Cancer Services provides just about anything a cancer patient needs, other than medical care. Their purpose is to surround cancer patients with the resources they need to feel knowledgeable about what is happening…they connect folks with the experts. It’s an amazing service and one that several of my friends have utilized and benefitted from.
Connolley framed image copyFor 4 days in August and September, we are donating our time, and that of sought-after make-up artist Colleen Kelly, to create beautiful portraits that feature women. A two hour session that includes hair styling, airbrush makeup and studio portrait time will be gifted to anyone who donates $150 to Cancer Services. You don’t have to be a cancer survivor…this is for anyone who wants to treat themselves or someone they love to a custom portrait session…a day where the recipient will feel like the most special and beautiful person on the planet, while donating to a great cause.

Lindy framed 2On August 26th and 27th and September 15th and 16th, we will create amazing images that celebrate you or the women in your life. From those sessions, gorgeous wall prints, albums, boxed collections and gift prints will be available for purchase. Not sure about this? Imagine having images that really show you at your best. We could do an entire session of just you. Or you could bring your significant other along and showcase your relationship…perhaps for the first time since your wedding! Or invite your mom to come along and we will feature both of you to show your relationship. You might choose to bring your sister or even your children (up to 4 people per session) and we will produce amazing sibling or mother/child portraits (no matter how old your children are.)

Ginger family framed color
As women and/or moms, often we don’t allow ourselves the privilege of being doted on. This is a day for you. To spoil you, make you look and feel your best and then offer you the chance to have images to hold on to and remember for your entire life. Images that will remind you of who you really are and pieces to share with your children so that they can always know just how beautiful and special their mom is.

This video will give you an idea of the experience you will have at Oh, Goodness – Fine Portraits. It features Lindy and Don. Lindy happens to be a cancer survivor and brought along her husband to celebrate 30 years together. We featured both of them together and then Lindy on her own.

Isn’t it time you spoiled yourself or someone you love? Click here or go to Cancer Services website, click on Donate on their menu and be sure to select the Celebrate Your Life Fundraiser. We will be in touch to schedule your portrait session.


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One time a year, we offer a very special opportunity to save on your senior portraits. If you get in touch with us by September 15 to let us know you want to be on our senior calendar, you will save $300. Yep, you read that right. You will receive your session at NO CHARGE and also a $100 credit towards your portrait order. Your session just needs to be held by next summer! Easy, right?

You can email us at info@ohgoodnessfineportraits.com or call the studio at 336-829-5642. Let us know you saw our senior portrait special and we will set up a consultation to talk about your special day. We will find out exactly what look you want, help you with clothes and begin to plan out your senior session.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and working with you to create images that you will love for years and that showcase this very special time in your life!

  • August 5, 2016 - 4:34 pm

    Cheryl Smith - Would like to schedule a Senior portrait session for Sam sometime in the fall.
    Thanks so much,
    Home 336-924-2879
    Cell 336-575-9411

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It is always such a pleasure to be asked by a family to photograph a second wedding in their family. Such was the case with David and Hannah’s wedding. Just a few short years ago I met Hannah when I photographed the wedding of David’s sister. Back then, she was David’s girlfriend. Since that time, she has become his fiance and today everything was falling into place and she was about to become his beautiful wife. Hannah was clearly meant to be part of David’s family. She is not only beautiful and kind, but her sweet demeanor fits just perfectly with his family. And David’s fun-loving spirit makes him the perfect complement to Hannah’s wonderful family. I think truly, their’s is a relationship that was meant to be! They both have an amazing amount of respect and genuine fondness for each other that is unmistakeable when you are around them.

Their wedding day started at The Oaks at Salem in Apex, NC. This was the third in a series of crazy-rainy weekends in North Carolina. For three weeks we hardly saw the sun. And although it was raining (pouring actually!) outside, Hannah and David’s sunny dispositions made everyone forget the weather and focus on the love and events at hand.

Main Street Methodist Wedding Bermuda Run Reception_0102.jpg

When you start with a gorgeous dress like Hannah’s, you know the day is going to be perfect. And those elegant charcoal bridesmaids dresses were to die for. You can see Hannah’s bridal session here! What a classic beauty she is.
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0103.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0104.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0105.jpg

Hannah made sure to tell me about the inscription inside of David’s ring. It is actually her hand writing, reduced to fit inside his band. What an awesome idea!
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0106.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0107.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0108.jpg

The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0110.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0111.jpg

Krystal, from The Junction Salon did an amazing job on hair and makeup for Hannah and the mothers.
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0112.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0113.jpgA few sweet tears are shed as Hannah shared a gift with Alexis, her maid of honor.
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0115.jpg

The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0114.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0116.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0117.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0118.jpg

Just a precious and beautiful group of ladies who adore their friend, Hannah.
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0119.jpg

The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0153.jpg

Hannah had a first look with both her dad and brother before she headed off to the church. What a wonderful time to take in how beautiful Hannah looked on her wedding day.
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0120.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0121.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0122.jpg

Down on the lower level of the house, David and his buddies had gathered together and were ready to celebrate David’s wedding and stand by his side. Natalie Schram second shot with me on this day and covered the mayhem that always ensues with guys getting ready for a wedding! Seriously, this group of guys were fabulous and had so much fondness for David and Hannah. It’s always a pleasure to see such friendships and support.


David and his sweet little nephew, Aiden had some buddy time. You can tell that Uncle David is more than a little proud of him.


Oaks at Salem Wedding_0142




Oaks at Salem Wedding_0141
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0157.jpg

The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0156.jpgAnd can you tell that David is just a little special to his mom? Such a sweet time. The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0131.jpg

Time to head over to Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Raleigh, where tons of friends and family were beginning to arrive. Once there, Hannah had a few quiet moments to read a letter from David. I love this tradition and I have to think that years down the road, this letter, filled with expectation and love, will mean so much to both of them. Remembering just how you felt on that special day, and having it captured in words will be so meaningful.

The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0123.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0132.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0133.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0134.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0135.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0136.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0137.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0138.jpg

The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0140.jpg

David is a light-hearted fun guy. I am not sure he expected to be so moved by the sight of his beautiful bride on this day. I was standing fairly close to him and it was very moving to see how filled with emotion and touched he was as he saw her come towards him.

The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0142.jpg

The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0143.jpg

The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0139.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0141.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0145.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0146.jpg

The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0144.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0147.jpg

The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0149.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0148.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0151.jpg

And they are happily ever after!

The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0158.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0159.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0152.jpg

Back to The Oaks for the real celebration. What a beautiful and fun bridal party!

The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0154.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0155.jpg

The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0160.jpg

We took advantage of a brief break in the rain to take Hannah and David outside for a few bride and groom photographs.
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0161.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0162.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0163.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0164.jpg

The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0166.jpg

The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0180.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0167.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0168.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0169.jpg

Hannah’s father hand-crafted the wooden boxes that adorned each table and held the centerpieces. Truly, this was a labor of love for his little girl. The gorgeous flowers were created by Tre Bella Florist in Durham. The flowers were light, elegant and a perfect compliment to the design of the entire day.

The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0109.jpg

Anna Loeffler, a friend of Hannah’s family, designed and created the cake for them. Yum!
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0170.jpg

As the bridal party entered, the party got started.
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0171.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0172.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0173.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0174.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0175.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0176.jpg

Love the quiet moments between the bride and her father and the groom and his mother. Both Hannah and David hold very special places in their parents’ hearts..always a tear-jerker for me!
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0177.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0178.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0179.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0182.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0183.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0184.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0185.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0186.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0187.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0188.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0189.jpg

The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0165.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0190.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0191.jpg

The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0181.jpg

The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0193.jpg

Music for the night was provided by Joe Bunn from Bunn DJ Company. They always do an amazing job of filling the floor because of their great selection of music. And this night was no exception! These folks were here to party people.
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0194.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0195.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0196.jpg

The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0192.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0197.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0198.jpg

Hannah and David met at ECU when they were in school there. Their special request was a group photo of their college friends. So awesome that they could be there to support them on this special day!
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0199.jpg

Annnnnnd back to the party at hand!
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0200.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0201.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0202.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0203.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0204.jpg

Hannah’s sorority sisters serenaded the happy couple in their age-old tradition.
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0205.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0206.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0207.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0208.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0209.jpg

And this was not your ordinary get away car. One of David’s friends owns this vintage pickup truck. Such a perfect touch for a couple that is as real as it gets. They are down-to-earth, sweet and kind. No pretenses. And this suited them to a tee!
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0210.jpg
The Oaks at Salem Wedding_0211.jpg

What an incredible evening for Hannah and David celebrating their love and be surrounded by so many family and friends. It was such an honor to be part of their day. I have not a doubt that they will indeed live happily ever after because of their wonderful respect and love for each other and their amazing support system. Much love to you both!

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Jordan and Spencer’s beautiful and intimate wedding took place at Revolution Mills in Greensboro and I was honored to be there with them to share in all of the beauty and love that surrounded them that day. I would love to say that it was as beautiful outside as it was indoors, but alas, that would not be so. This, folks, was the weekend Hurricane Joaquin decided to rear its ugly head. Thankfully, in the end, the forecast of inches and inches of rain and hurricane-force winds on their wedding day did not materialize. But Mother Nature certainly didn’t cooperate in the way that we wish she had. But to Jordan and Spencer’s credit, their spirits were not dampened (get it???) and they reveled in the joy they felt on that day and enjoyed every minute of the love of their friends and family.

Revolution Mills Wedding_0053.jpg

Even now, weeks after the wedding, when I see the images below of Jordan’s lace gown, I am just awe-struck. Such a truly amazing and delicate gown and I think it really set the tone for the day. If you haven’t already seen Jordan’s bridal portraits that I posted just after the wedding, go visit. Her classic and iconic beauty is unmatched. And Oh My, those shoes. What a special touch!

Revolution Mills Wedding_0001.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0002.jpgJordan’s flowers were designed by Tonya at Abba Design in Greensboro. Such a beautiful and rich combination of colors and flowers. I’m always amazed by the eye of a wonderful florist to pull everything together. A perfect accent to the colors of the day.
Revolution Mills Wedding_0003.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0004.jpg
Before the wedding, Jordan took a few moments to read a lovely note that Spencer had delivered to her. Jordan is one of five girls in her family. I love these images of her sisters, bridesmaids, mom and future mother-in-law sharing in her joy as she read quietly to herself. There were moments of tears and laughter as she read through each carefully written sentence.

Revolution Mills Wedding_0005.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0006.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0007.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0008.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0009.jpg

Without a doubt, this is one of my favorite images of these sisters getting Jordan ready. I simply cannot imagine what it would be like to have five girls in the family. The love and laughter that filled that home throughout the years was I’m sure, something to behold. And the bond that they all share has to be one that is unmatched.
Revolution Mills Wedding_0010.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0027.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0028.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0029.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0030.jpg

Revolution Mills Wedding_0089Jordan had a few quite moments to survey the ceremony and reception area in private before her dad had a chance to see her in her dress. Revolution Mills Wedding_0011.jpg

Revolution Mills Wedding_0012.jpg

Jordan’s dad gets to take a look at the first of his beautiful girls to walk down the aisle. Big sigh. Only four more to pay for!
Revolution Mills Wedding_0013.jpg

Down below, Spencer and his friends were getting their ducks in a row. My friend, and fellow photographer, Grant Blair, was on hand to work with them and keep them focused…not always an easy job when you are covering the groom! But Spencer was totally elated about this day and was easy to keep on track. I think “smitten” would be the best word to describe him with regards to Jordan. Since the moment I met him, it was quite obvious that he could not wait until this day. He is by far the extrovert in their relationship and hiding his feelings is not something he does well when it comes to Jordan!
Revolution Mills Wedding_0085.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0086.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0087.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0088.jpg

Revolution Mills Wedding_0050.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0031.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0032.jpg

Not being one to relish a lot of attention, Jordan requested that she be allowed to share a first look with Spencer. She wanted to get the anticipation over with and get to share her excitement and feelings with him privately. And for a short time, the rain let up and we were able to go outside. Sweet, tender moments follow as they realize that this day they have planned for is finally here.
Revolution Mills Wedding_0036.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0037.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0038.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0039.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0040.jpg

Love these shots below. So sweet.
Revolution Mills Wedding_0041.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0042.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0043.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0044.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0045.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0046.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0047.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0048.jpg

Time to get back inside before the guests begin to arrive for the ceremony.
Revolution Mills Wedding_0049.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0014.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0015.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0016.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0017.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0018.jpg

Love this…to break the ice, the minister asked Jordan and Spencer to turn around and say hi to their guests. What a great way to get everyone to relax and share a laugh!
Revolution Mills Wedding_0019.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0020.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0021.jpg

Absolute favorite part of the ceremony…when Jordan was saying her vows and she literally broke into tears. The room was a puddle as the emotion of the day just got the best of her.
Revolution Mills Wedding_0022.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0023.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0024.jpg

Revolution Mills Wedding_0026.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0025.jpg

Revolution Mills Wedding_0033.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0034.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0035.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0090

Revolution Mills Wedding_0054.jpg

Revolution Mills Wedding_0056.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0057.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0058.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0059.jpg

Revolution Mills Wedding_0062.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0063.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0064.jpg

Revolution Mills Wedding_0091
Revolution Mills Wedding_0065.jpg

Revolution Mills Wedding_0092Revolution Mills Wedding_0066.jpg

Following a wonderful dinner by Visions, Jordan & Spencer just the cake provided by Tart Sweets of Winston-Salem.

Revolution Mills Wedding_0060.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0061.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0067.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0068.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0069.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0070.jpg

Revolution Mills Wedding_0055.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0071.jpg

The Best Man and Maid of Honor had some wonderful words to share about the Bride and Groom. Always a fun time as they share stories that may or may not have been ones that the Bride and Groom wanted shared! Good for some laughs!
Revolution Mills Wedding_0072.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0073.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0074.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0075.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0076.jpg

First dances with Jordan’s father and Spencer’s mother.
Revolution Mills Wedding_0077.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0078.jpg

A moment that everyone wants to document!

Revolution Mills Wedding_0093

Now it was time to really cut the rug. And this crowd did not disappoint. They let their inner dancer shine!
Revolution Mills Wedding_0079.jpg

Revolution Mills Wedding_0082.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0080.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0081.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding_0094Revolution Mills Wedding_0095Revolution Mills Wedding_0096


A quiet moment for Jordan and Spencer before the night ends. Super sweet. Revolution Mills Wedding_0084.jpg

Revolution Mills Wedding_0097
Revolution Mills Wedding_0083.jpg

What a joy to share in this day with Jordan, Spencer and their families. I’m excited to hear where their futures take them and am so delighted I could be part of this day with them. Wishing you so much happiness!

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